SGX Shariah With Volume

This Indicator use to check Shariah Compliant Stock in SGX only.

The status of stock been filtered by CGS-CIMB MALAYSIA & Revinitiv Eikon.

Example :

Shariah (Green)

Non-Shariah (Red)

Other Country (None)

List updated until Dec 2021. More updates to come.

Also include current price times current volume :

Two default signal

- Green Bar with Blue Diamond - look for potential entry

- Red Bar with Black Diamond - look for potential sell

- DNV = Dollar Normalized Volume / total amounts of transaction traded in term of volume .
Ratio more than 3 means the stock is in demand by Smart Money. Number in Purple Colour.

- Volume Green = Buying in Control, Volume Red = Selling in Control

Example : 26 Nov 2021 = DNV Ratio >3 (Buying)

Example : 30 Nov 2021 = DNV Ratio >3 (Selling)

Simple Financial Info according to the daily volume
- RV : Total Revenue
- MC : Market Cap
- NM : Net Margin

Inspired by :
BURSATRENDBANDCHART : https://www.tradingview.com/u/BURSATREND...
wmsafwan : https://www.tradingview.com/u/wmsafwan/
Thank You.

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