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RedK Magic Ribbon is simple script that combines a fast and a slow moving averages to create a 2-Moving Average Cross-over / trend visualization tool.

We utilize the Compound Ratio Weighted Average (CoRa Wave) as the fast MA line and the RedK Slow Smooth Weighted Moving Average (RSS_WMA) aka LazyLine as the slow MA line.

i put this script together when i found that i started using these 2 moving average lines in my trading charts most of the time. thought others may find it useful.

The simple idea is that when the 2 lines "agree" on direction, then this is possibly a confirmed trend in that direction.
Visually, when the 2 lines agree on a trend direction, Magic Ribbon gives either a green (up) or red (down) fill, when they disagree, it gives a gray fill - Gray areas are considered "no trade" or "get ready" zones depending on the situation.

This ribbon can be used to support trend-following trades, swing trading, or as a visual trend tracking tool

Suggested Usage Tips:
* Position entry should be made as close to the RSS_WMA/LazyLine as possible to maximize gain.
* The RSS_WMA can act as a guide for Stop Loss
* An aggressive (or swing) trader may consider entries as soon as the CoRa Wave line changes color, but in context of the prevailing trend.
* if you intend to use this tool for trading, please test it using the PaperTrading or Rewind features of TV to get used to how it behaves and adjust accordingly.
* The Magic Ribbon should work on any timeframe.
* The basic settings are available - they enable adjusting the length and smoothness of the CoRa Wave and the Smoothness of the RSS_WMA - as well as the source price for each. Style settings enable to adjust color, line width, or hide/show various elements as needed.

* The most important tip for using the Magic Ribbon: when you first add it to your chart, is to fine-tune the length settings to your preference. start by adjusting the LazyLine (RSS_WMA) Smoothness value, so it tracks and barely touches the highs / lows of price bars - with the least amount of lag possible - then adjust the CoRa Wave length to make it as responsive as you need. Keep smoothness to the lowest you can use (i like 3 or 4 max) - the default settings are generic usable values based on my testing.

* as usual, please use this tool only as a guide - make your own detailed chart analysis and support your trading decision with signals and confirmations from other indicators .

*** This script does not repaint.

Nota Keluaran:
v2.0 Changes:
- Clean up code & commentary typo
- Organize Input box into groups
- Add easy option to show/hide Ribbon Fill
Nota Keluaran:
Here's Magic Ribbon v3 with code clean-up and couple of enhancements:
- streamlined the input and plot titles

- added a couple of optional moving average line of common MA types - select between SMA, EMA and WMA
- the optional MAs will be hidden by default - default lengths are 50 (purple) and 100 (dark blue) - default type is SMA

- The reason i added these lines to the ribbon is that i usually need to keep an eye on these common MA's that many other traders are watching and reacting to. We can see how they sometimes act as support or resistance in the below sample chart - so instead of adding another indicator (you can use the built-in MA Ribbon indicator in TV), i decided to combine them with the Magic Ribbon for convenience

Nota Keluaran:
v3.1 update adds MTF support as requested.
note that the Ribbon Fill will not work in MTF mode when gaps = true. Originally i didn't prefer to code it that way, but happy that some folks may find it useful
An alternative to using MR in MTF mode is to apply MTF scaling - you can read the post about MTF sclaing here
Nota Keluaran:
Magic Ribbon v4.0 changes
* Converted code to Pine v5.0
* Added alerts for FastLine and SlowLine swinging up or down -- as requested
* Some minor code clean-up
Nota Keluaran:
Release Notes for version 5.0
* Added more optional MA's (total 4 now) and standardizing their colors for consistency with other MA's & charts
Since i usually use 3 or 4 MA's on my price charts, i can avoid using one additional indicator this way :)
* Updated LazyLine() with latest version
* Display of MA values *only* in the data window to reduce clutter
* Some code clean-ups
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