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Introducing our new Supply and Demand (MTF) Indicator! This new indicator renders Supply and Demand zones based on momentum candles. It can detect Supply and Demand zones across up to 3 diferent timeframes. It's capable of combining zones, retest & break labels and it's customizable with invalidation and style settings.

Features of the new Supply and Demand (MTF) Indicator:
  1. Renders Supply and Demand Zones Across 3 Timeframes
  2. Combination Of Overlapping Zones
  3. Retest & Break Labels
  4. Retest & Break Alerts
  5. Enable / Disable Historic Zones
  6. Visual Customizability

Supply and Demand is a key concept in trading. It helps traders see the zones that market-makers buy & sell the asset in large amounts. It's detected by finding momentum candles (candles that have large bodies) in a row.

Momentum candles are defined to have a larger body than the average candle in the chart, and at least 4 of them in a row is required to draw a supply or demand zone. The zone is drawn from the high wick to low wick of two candles before the first momentum candle in the row.

Check this example :

These zones are usually where market makers trade the asset in larger amounts. Thus, they act as support & resistance zones by their nature. A retest of these zones can make the price bounce to the opposite direction, while a breakout usually means strong price action momentum is incoming in that direction. Supply zones indicate bearish momentum while demand zones indicate bullish momentum.

Check this example :

Here a Supply Zone (Bearish) forms. Then price comes back up to test the zone, and it fails to break. After the failed attemp, a stong bearish momentum takes the price back to a lower level. Then another test of the zone occurs and successfully breaks the zone this time. This breakout starts a bullish momentum that takes the price to a higher level.

This indicator provides Supply and Demand zones in your chart with pure simplicity. It supports up to 3 different timeframes as we believe supporting your trades with higher timeframes can improve your trading experience. It also gets rid of complexity by combining overlapping zones into a single zone, even if they are from different timeframes! You can also set-up alerts to get notified when a supply or demand zone is being retested, or is broken. Overall, this indicator is the ultimate kit for supply and demand zones.


1. General Configuration

Max Distance To Last Bar -> The maximum distance that the indicator will render supply and demand zones from. Higher settings mean rendering older supply and demand zones.

Zone Invalidation -> Select between Wick & Close price for Supply and Demand Zone Invalidation.

Retests & Breaks -> Enable retest & break labels in your chart.

Show Historic Zones -> This will show historic supply & demand zones which are invalidated if enabled. You can disable this to only see active supply and demand zones for a simpler chart.

2. Timeframes
You can set up to 3 different timeframes and enable / disable them using the checkboxes in this section.
Nota Keluaran:
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the indicator to throw an error when a lower timeframe is enabled in the settings.

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