Potential Trade Idea with Pullback Strategy - Y.S.P. Southeast (


Y.S.P. Southeast gaining a +14.6% since the 1st buy signal on 25 July 2018. Based on the chart above, we can identify several strength in the background:

1. No Sign of Weakness on resistance level indicates no seller or distribution

2. Price broke above resistance level by locked up the seller and formed 3 accumulation during the mark-up stage

3. Pullback pattern are well spotted during the 3 accumulations. Smart money tends to push the price lower with low volume to test potential seller before continue mark-up the price

What is Pullback?
A pullback is the temporary falling of the stock prices after it break above the resistance level usually with widespread bar and high volume . Pullbacks are widely seen as buying opportunities with lower risks as you are given a chance to buy at support level .

Currently Y.S.P. is trading near support level after price pullback with low volume and offering trader a low risk trade opportunity using pullback method.
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