AA Do not get nervous, scenario to cover

You already know I'm out of this asset and this analysis is made just for a request. Keeping lines from the last idea on AA (by the way target reached), price into a range and risky if you want to trade in the very short term and don't have a clear strategy.

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Have a Good Trading Week,

Cream Live Trading, Best Regards!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Time to close any long position on AA. As you see wait and see without nervous has big rewards.

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Have a good trading week!

thanks for your great insights btw!
this instantly caught my attention because i had a moment where i just got so nervous about a position i'm in, not this one, but a different one, but about the same time that happened, i had a little "A-HA" moment and i realized something key to the mistake i made, something very important for me to know in moving forward, so hey, sometimes best lessons learned through our mistakes and so i just shake off my nerves and carry on with a wiser approach.
@caboodle, Ok if you're working on it, the best friend to work your confidence is knowledge. Thank you very much and wish you the best!
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