Bitcoin Akan Menjadi Kuat Jangka Panjang Di Bawah $50K


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Dollar-Cost Averaging Into Bitcoin Going To Be Powerful Long Term
Under $50K
Posted on March 26, 2022,

DCA will smooth out the highs and lows of one’s portfolio.
Profiting from the crypto market declines without risking too much money.
An argument may be made for and against using a DCA approach; however, the advantages often exceed the disadvantages. For example, the dollar-cost averaging strategy may be used in conjunction with frequent contributions into an investment account or crypto trading platform. Investors may be able to save and invest with more assurance and efficiency if this is done.

One may use dollar-cost averaging (DCA) to invest a predetermined amount of money in smaller amounts. Profiting from crypto market declines without risking too much money at any one time is possible with this strategy, letting you have more cash on hand while also benefiting from market rises.

Not a New Investing Technique
DCA is not a new investing technique; instead, it has been employed in the stock market for a long time and has been a tremendous success. Dollar-cost averaging allows one to get in at both highs and lows of the market.

If one is investing over time, DCA will smooth out the highs and lows of one’s portfolio so that one does not have to worry about a single investment having a significant impact on their overall returns. Furthermore, famous analyst MMCrypto pointed out that Dollar Cost Averaging into Bitcoin will be effective long-term under $50K.

Despite modest price movement, the Bitcoin price rises from the previous session. In the face of the 200-day EMA (Exponential Moving Average) of around $44,700, BTC continues to be under pressure. Clear direction and confidence are needed to keep investors on the right track.

Bitcoin’s gains are limited on Saturday, but the market remains bullish. While stabilizing inside the rising channel, the price is anticipated to move towards $52,000. On the other hand, if the price fails to maintain the session’s low, it will hinder the upward momentum.

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