BiPolar Cardano ADA. Daily is Bear, Hourly looks Bull

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin

ADA is currently at 2616ish Satoshis. What is keeping this coin alive? The Daily MA, MacD , and RSI show signs of a needed correction. But is currently stalling at recent historical price action. The 4hour, and 1hour, all the way down are showing signs of further bullish momentum in the MacD , and RSI . But then there is the McAfee Curse, who said a few nice things about Cardano, but has since been silent. Check any coin that McAfee has mentioned, and that coin continues to die unless he keeps talking about it. Cardano however is still hovering around. McAfee aside Cardano does have positive upside in Technology Promises. Those are just promises at this time, like eos, which is also doing just fine. Whereas EOS states in black and white legalese that their token has no use or relation to it's project, Cardano promises a user friendly version of Ethereum . This is all fundamental analysis and subject to opinion. Technically speaking however, the indicators are bipolar. I am flipping a coin and saying bearish short term, bullish long term. We'll see.

Bipolar is the perfect word here you are so right ahah :)
Sometime I have same feeling with others cryptos and TA. For me the behaviour with this situations depend only of your position long or short. I will HODL my f**** ADA that I bought at 0,10$ until 2020. I just found my new BTC to pay me my lambo ahahah :)
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