ADA could be set for some breakout movement soon.

Chikou span - Made a bullish move across the price action a few hours ago and is currently well above it.

Tenken Sen - Moving horizontally this confirms the market is ranging and in an accumulation zone

Kijun - Currently acting as support and signals the price has room to continue ascending.

Senkou Span A and B are very wide which confirms the current volatility in price. Span A is working as support at 2271 and Span B is resistance around 2400.

StochRSI - Stochastic shows that a bullish divergence was made and the RSI is continuing up after bouncing off the 41 mark.

MACD- After the bullish movement the past 3 hours, MACD is signaling that the overbought phase could cause more consolidation, but there is room to move up if volume stays bullish .

Psychological resisance is acting as strong support and resistance within the falling wedge pattern and aligns well with the support made by Senkou span A.

Although the price look as if it may form a shooting star pattern and consolidate there is still indication that a breakout could take place in the next few hours. Watch for a break in the wedge . If all resistance is cleared and the wedge pattern holds true the price has room to move up towards 2850~
This is only on the hourly. On the 4 hour and daily, which carry more weight, we are still below the cloud. On the daily, the momentum on RSI is still very low.
On top of that, even on this hourly chart, the chikou crossed the price action below the the kumo, so it's only a weak bullish signal. The kijun crossed the tenkan below the kumo so also only a weak bullish signal.

So 2 weak signals and now a kumo breakout on the hourly with dwindling volume does not look promising in my opinon.
What should be the sell target on this ADA coin
I am tired watching ada false breakouts... hope this one is real... went long....
@Yogesh2708, Negative comments with no real use aren't needed. (:
Yogesh2708 Black_Moon_Trading
@Slyx737, The so called negative comment should sound positive now.. isn't it?
How could ADA start a run in this bearish market ? BTC is about to retest the 6000k man, no chance for any altcoin bullrun now :(
+1 Balas
Yogesh2708 CryptoJulio
@CryptoJulio, its not about bitcoin.... falling edge should work out in bear market also. watch stroje how it broke.....
CryptoJulio Yogesh2708
@Yogesh2708, sorry I disagree. Market is now full of mixed signal and fake signal. TA is one thing, but most important thing is the global mood of the market, that is completely driven by bitcoin. And for the moment Bitcoin is unstable/volatile and not ready at all for another bull market, it's bearish trend is not over.
CryptoJulio CryptoJulio
And even if the wedge is broken up, it means nothing, cos BTC going down the same time, so you are trading for nuts. Look at ADAUSD pair, it doesn't go up
Yogesh2708 CryptoJulio
@CryptoJulio actually I am a newbie in trading. Your experienced words are very important for me. but can you please explain me why it did work for stroj in bear market? (Not asking rudely , wanting to learn more)
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