AION/BTC done correcting

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AION/BTC has been going through a rough downfall. We've completed a full retracement correction. I have a feeling the selling is about to come to an end, and some buyers will start entering the market. There has been a very obvious 5 Elliott waves , and I believe the 5th wave has completed. WE will now have an A-B-C correction (upwards). There is no time frame on this correction, just an FYI. Also, every time the 7-day RSI showed oversold conditions, we had a big bump in price the next couple days. I'll be adding to my bags!
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Komen: I think the A wave may be the "fake-out" pump (sort of what fairly recently happened to TRX/BTC), possibly followed by a further correction period. This also means we could potentially have a double-bottom here. I'll most likely be swing trading this one.
Komen: Getting some good activity upwards here! It unfortunately looks like Bitcoin going down is sending this up, but we need to track this closely to see where the fibonacci levels land.
Komen: So yea, totally missed the 5 minute pump on this one. I exited some of my position at A wave though, nice little profit.
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