SynereoAmp (AMP) - 2018 Opportunity - Charts + Fundamentals

Note: This is an update to my trade analysis from December 31st. I am posting this exclusively for long time followers and long term holders. I promised to update this trade once the market started to move again or the charts pointed to some strong action. I will do this with all of our old trades as promised.

Issued in 2015, SynereoAmp has a solid chart. We traded this coin back in December, the market correction hit and we waited long. Now, SynereoAmp (AMP) wants to move again. Let's see what it has to offer...


- New product launch called "Product X".
- Coinburn: SynereoAmp to burn $100,000,000 worth of coins.

Both are the good type of news for any cryptocurrency. A product launch attracts possible investors and traders, while a coinburn reduces the amount of coins in circulation, which can affect the price in a positive way.

Since I already have a trade for this coin, and many of my followers are holding LONG, I will only update the targets. I am not offering buy-in nor stop-loss.

Here is the daily chart:

- From the last high back in June 2017, you can see that there is huge growth potential.
- The MACD and other indicators on my chart are showing plenty of room for growth and there is a breakout backed up by HUGE volume .

So enjoy...

*** TARGETS ***

(1) 0.000057
(2) 0.000068
(3) 0.000077
(4) 0.000087
(5) 0.000118
(6) 0.000168

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Enjoy tomorrow as well, and every single day...

As usual you can see, that patience is the key!

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Alan can you please take a look for siacoin the charts looking very exciting

Hi Alan, any update on AMP? :)
Hi, thank you. Can you look at VIBE , APPC , IOTA , ARN ? I think you can eath them in a second. Wish you best.
%33 coin burn almost 100 million dolar will be burn ! think easy 10 k stas. they have good profect and they have main client project is working now. we will see TA
Ciao Alan @alanmasters

good job. Thank you for taking your responsibilities serious.

Question: As the noob I am I missed the chance to sell high - any coin I was invested by the time the correction hit us. Form my new point of view I know that I could have avoided it. Many where blindsighted by greed at that moment, and I do know now that the next time I will read "moon" and "lambo" all around and charts go parabolic everywhere that time has come: to shave profits exponentially off. Period.

But well, not this time. All my fiat is dumped in assets. So what would you do in the meantime? If you wouldn't have any fiat left to buy in low nor buy dips? What would you do other then just observing and learning in theory?

What I did is - of course - day-trading and swing-trading those low-cap-coins I'm in. Like AMP yesterday. It seems not to be that risky as long you're trading along the downtrend-line, you always will find an even deeper re-entry point. So this is what I did. Learning the hard way. Multiplying my shit-coins. And as with some I almost doubled my bags with this technique.

But now ... momentum seems to either get the big bear-trap behind and prepare for a deeper dive, or the minor-trend-reversal is about to happen and the bear-market for Alts is about to grow again. And then day-/swing-trading will become more risky as I won't be that sure to get back in lower anymore.

Well, anyways, the question remains: what would you do when forced to trade in my shoes?
+1 Balas
Thanks for the analysis!
+2 Balas
alanmasters TOP jiguwemovadav
@jiguwemovadav, My pleasure.
Hi Allan can we please get an update on ENRG please if any time. Thank you, All good if Can not. cheers Rodie
+2 Balas
alanmasters TOP RodelBrowning
@RodelBrowning, I will republish when the time is right.
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