"They" won't let this IPO go to $0 just MONTHS after it hitting the street. Nice bullish gap and go down here. Buy low, sell high. I'm watching it.

Komen: The day trade we played on it
Komen: Nice swing for anyone who stayed in. GOOD TARGET hit yesterday.
Thanks for helping us Enrich Lives!
I was in some April calls and missed the exit yesterday, but I'm still up pretty nicely. Do you think it goes higher or should I exit now?
@wilsondan22, You've got April... so you should be good for a hold! ;-) NICELY DONE
Ji Jeremy, when you take a trade like this the initial risk/reward ratio looks low. Are you getting in at 3.26 for a chance to gain 10c at the resistance and then afterwards hoping for a squeeze upwards?
@precisemmc, Correct:)
precisemmc Reallifetrading
I attempted to SWING this bad boy yesterday after seeing that strong bullish flag. Unfortunately I didn't give it enough room to continue the upward trend.
@precisemmc, Sorry. You got to give it room. Why didn't you allow it to 'wiggle?' What was your fear?
precisemmc Reallifetrading
@Reallifetrading, I'm slowly bouncing back from a series of bad trades and a string of red days. That's forced me to be fighter with my stops :(
I saw the potential to gain about 30 cents so I risked 15c didn't work out. Learned a lesson though, I might have to give stocks a little more wiggle specially when swinging.
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