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The diagonal triangle is a particular type of wave composed of Five minor movements that move within two trendlines , both ascending (or descending), converging in the direction of main trend.

Diagonal triangles substitute for impulses at specific locations in the wave structure. They are the only five-wave structures in the direction of the main trend within which Wave 4 almost always moves into the price territory of (i.e., overlaps) Wave 1.

This pattern we like very much!! ...and we use it on 30' and H1 TF.

Thank you very much for your support, and we hope this analysis can help you in your Trading Plan!! us with your "ILIKE"!! Happy Trading!!

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Your chart explains LD occurs in wave (1) of an impulse.
Is there a possibility LD appears in wave (a) of a zigzag, not only in wave (1)?
Thank you.
sorry but you are incorrect on this all together - leading and ending diagonals are motive waves - triangles are corrective wave - there is no leading diagonal triangle?? please followers if you are interested in Elliott Wave Theory there is a free version of Frost and Prechter book available as .pdf I have read the book many times. Nowhere will you find a mixup of triangle and diagonals. Your very first basis of knowledge in the earliest chapter of the theory distinguishes motive and corrective waves.. There are ONLY TWO types of motive waves.. I am doubtful your EW "instructor" here has really read the book. This may be teaching you some 'version' of his own but this can NOT be Elliott Wave teaching.
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docholliday docholliday
actually - there is in some texts where these are also called triangles - my mistake, however I would say to drop the "triangle" as is done in Frost and Precther as you will confuse those with corrective triangles -- reseverving 'triangle' for corrections and diagonal for motive waves is easier to differentiate. I do not really get the 'course' here without showing in a chart?? why not just read the book - free .pdf version available.. ?? well anyway - happy trading..
SignalSwiss docholliday
@docholliday, ou are right! It was better to read a book !! Unfortunately I've been studying financial markets only to college for 5 long years and I have not had time to read it :) ... thank you for your comment !!
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docholliday SignalSwiss
@SignalSwiss, here is one for your students that is interesting. We were looking at this structure on XAG Daily as possible expanding leading diagonal -- it extended above however knowing the structure allowed to trade it up well.. and once the down move began makes prediction of breaking the lower trendline.. of course to confirm LD will take more months/years to see a next wave up (which would have to be really aggressive to be wave 3) .. but we will see..
Great explanation as always
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will AUDUSD perform the same way?
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