BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
Long term consolidation - short term breakout pending up to bottom of macro money zone (.386)

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So, after this whole blood bath in the market... is this chart still valid? I mean, BCC lost about 33% of its value in less than a week, but I still see it hasn't gone past that 0.638 support line (or barely touched down under it)?
Hmm... you've called Bitcoin Cash breakouts before and they never materialized, so how is this one different or more likely than others?
@crazyserb, actually.... you're wrong.
crazyserb bdkelly1203
@bdkelly1203, I stand corrected. As in, they usually don't materialize EXACTLY how you call them but get there eventually, one way or another.

And seeing how BCC is still dropping below your levels, I'm inclined to set a buy signal quite a bit lower than the current level and wait and see when that reversal comes along...

Thanks again for all the lessons and tips!
@crazyserb, I can never seem to get my graphs on TradingView to match up to the boss's (granted, I'm on 240min not 343 because I'm not a premium-user), but should that make it so different?! And experimenting with other values similar to 7, 21,77,231 makes such a difference to the intersection points. What are your thoughts? New to this. I.e. can we really just rely on MAs...
like a BAWS
Do you think this breakout will be breaking out just against BTC due to it's price may drop or would it be due to BCC price increase? Since both would increase the ratio for BTC:BCC. I think being able to understand that will help understand the whole market. What do you think?
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