BCHEUR: Chart for posterity - Basing, bullish when chaos unfolds

KRAKEN:BCHEUR   BCHEUR-simbol-huraian
I think there's a chance that Bitcoin cash starts basing here, to eventually break out to the upside and surge. I'm buying and selling in this range, but mostly trying to keep exposure to it, and reduce my cost basis with the profitable trades I have made and will continue making. There's a fundamental price floor, below which, $BCH would be liable to attacks by other miners, and also, there's the notion that if bitcoin .com and ViaBTC mine it, we can assume price will be somewhat stable until it starts being profitable to mine it. My estimation is that miners won't let the mining of $BCH become profitable until they accumulate enough of the airdrop.

The opportunity for them is massive, imagine being able to absorb all the airdrop or most of it, from weak hands cashing out, when you know in advance you have future plans in store, and good support from other miners. Some core devs are saying the miners have no real power, but I disagree wholeheartidly. China also holds a lot of power and influence, and I wouldn't be surprised to see $BCH surge as $XBT tops after the end of the current weekly uptrend. What isn't clear to me yet, is how the NYA signers will approach the deadline to hard fork to increase block size. In any event, and thinking of all possible outcomes, what I see is chaos and disruption of the current status quo, which already started with the birth of $BCH.

Best of luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Komen: $BCHXBT will probably remain in a sideways range until sufficiently accumulated Upside is significant as seen here.
Komen: We broke the resistance finally...will be interesting to see how it evolves.
Komen: The fact that the Poloniex airdrop took place today, yet price didn't drop, indicates people negativity is not correct.
I think this is being accumulated, miners mining at a loss are not dumb...it's not only attackers I believe.

$BCH acts as a great BTC hedge...
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: I will rebuy lower.

I rebought my $BCH stake from the airdrop at 0.0964

My exit was over 0.13.

I'm out of $BCHBTC, had bought recently at 0.092. Exit: 0.1156

The trend is up for 8 more days at least, fundamentals are now interesting, with the 2x team cancelling their segwit fork coin, maybe they end up teaming up with Jihan and Ver and propping $BCH...
Komen: Enter Chaos and disruption of status quo...
Komen: Equal number of $BCH and $BTC basket has upside left. This basket could reach a target of over 14000: If $BTCUSD maxes at $9750, this would put $BCHUSD at 4275.93...just food for thought.
any updates on this plan
good job ivan!
+1 Balas
seems that you entered at nice moment :-)
+1 Balas
anyupdates on the bch chart
@asam, I just closed a long I took from 0.092 to 0.1156. Looking to rebuy dips -or if no dip, in a few days-.

@IvanLabrie , I would be very interested in your short, medium and long term view on BCH. Are you willing to share it with us?
IvanLabrie DIYIrrigation
@DIYIrrigation, I'm out of it. I took a loss on the last trade, but had many succesful short term trades in it that netted me good returns.
I'm waiting and watching now. Hard to say what will happen to it.
@IvanLabrie, Clear point Ivan. Thanks for sharing it with me. Some other coins are doing nicely at the moment. Good luck trading.
I wonder another way round - will it dump even lower? Any chances of nearby recovery?
you think that bitcoin cash price would be 0.65~1.21 potentially? oh, that's so intriguing ! :)
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