BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
There´s nothing to explain. I know the chart is bit a mess but get over it it´s mine and I´m just sharing the opportunity with you.
There is possible C&H forming as BTC             started its free fall and trust me you dont want to catch the falling knife this time. ( Support 6-4,5K) BCH can go (1500-3500 USD) based on how much will BTC             fall

Check out my related trading ideas for further explain I do also recommend BTC             vs BCH matrix fight ;)

As I´m trading and analysing at the same time + I´m sharing the opportunities with you and doing some fast explanation do not expect instant reply on your questions but feel free to discuss and ask :)

Wish you happy trading

Related ideas might give you a better view on how I was right most of the time on BCH key mooves and I made over 300% profit within few days !!
Hope you will find these usefull :)

Warning !!
I´m not a professional trader. Trade on your own risk ! PLAY IT SAFE and always RISK ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORT TO LOOSE

Wish you sucesfull trading. Cheers

I do not expect anybody would tip me but proove me I´m wrong please :D
In case youre kind enought to do it just ask me for adress. ( I do accept LTC / BTC             / BCH / DASH even portion of DOGE :D )
Perdagangan aktif:
Komen: BTC very strong ressistance at 7800. We might see a breakout soon :)
Komen: Blast of might start soon :) hold tight ! 1. Target 1300

Komen: If BTC refuse 7700 as there is strong selling pressure and lot of upward moove resistance it is highly possible it will than next stop is BTC 7500 = BCH 1300 :)
Komen: BTC C correction might be deep !! Here are some BCH targets :)
These are based on BTC price ! If BTC go under 5500 ( e.g. 5000-4500 ) There is possibility of BCH forming very huge CUP ! with possible Target 3-3,5K !!!

Komen: Here´s what´s on plate from longer term :) BTW I hope you´re riding that weekends NEO PUMP !! 2x is highly possible. On monday there should be major announc. China going to trade and use NEO again ? :)

Komen: Next stop reached. Now BTC test if can handle and hold 7600
I do expect some consolidation at this point ;)

Komen: I might be wrong !! There is chance we just formed the CUP !! and it´s bigger !!
If handle will play out now we can aim straight to 1400 instead of 1300 :)

Komen: BTC 7550 is strong acting oversold and previous drop was 7500 !! There might be some cumulation before next moove :)

Perdagangan tutup: sasaran tercapai: Target reached 1290 - Trade paused ! BTC support at 7550 skyrocketed the BTC to 7700 ( bull trap ? ) Migh be or migh be not ! Im out and once I´ll see we will brake the resistance I´ll jump in again :)
Komen: Ok 2AM here .. Time to go sleep :)

Hope you enjoyed the profit. BTW BTC holds 7600 tight but I think not for long. Sell pressure is really high and will loose it probably sooner or later. My last tip for you is to watch closely the upward trend confirmation andif it confirms jump on the wagon and enjoy wild ride. Targets at previous posts ;) Good luck and good night traders ! And keep in mind ... TRADE SAFE !!

Perdagangan aktif:
Next targets 1400 - 1500
Bitcoin Cash Is Bitcoin
Balas - i like it man :)
+1 Balas
anoinvest majorlee
@majorlee, Im riding this all way down since 1040 cumulating down to 860. Allready having nice profit gain and again. 2K target seems real by my analysis and yours too. Thanks for sharing . Cheers
majorlee PRO anoinvest
@anoinvest, hey bro, getting used to TV as im new to it, thanks for the reply, helpful comments really make it extra worth it :)

still is an awesome ride and flipping from King to Cash is going to prove to be extremely profitable, not to mention fun!

checked RSI and MACD, looking a little overbought, could get another dip if not past 1350/71 in next 30 mins or so

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