Will history repeat itself - Fractal playing out

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I have been hodling BCH for awhile now, and I missed out selling the last pump in order to buy at the dip so i can double dip. But no point focusing on the past since there is nothing I can do. There has been lots of arguments against BCH (is BCH the real bitcoin ). TBH, I dont care whether it is or not. But simply based on TA, found this potential fractal playing out. Currently BCH has been trading within range, but based on past experience, when it moves, it moves really quick. I'm feeling an upcoming pump. Will history repeat it self?

This is by no means financial advice and purely my opinion. Trade at your own discretion, and do not risk anything you cant afford to lose.
Komen: Following analysis 100%. So far so good...judgement day soon!!
looks spot on so far
all in baby
I missed out selling BCH at 4200 cuz I thought it would hit 5k or 6k lol... now I'm waiting for that 5k or6k to sell and I really hope we see BCH at these levels in the next few months.
yes all in not financial advice
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@qdoc, yeah man hahaha. need that disclosure. whats your view on BCH?
qdoc jasonlau924
@jasonlau924, ded with rest of crypto then moon more than rest of crypto then ded again at some point. My target is 5k tho not trading advice tra la la. Qdoc
@meomeo888, the timing is so coincidental aye?
qdoc jasonlau924
@jasonlau924, rogecoin
qdoc meomeo888
@meomeo888, interesting
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