BCH Bitcoin Cash, almost done with retracement, target 750

Looking at BCH, we get a much clearer picture to where the market could go before we make a crash again. BCH is making a retracement of that H&S neckline at 1200. For Bitcoin i expect around 10.000/10.200. As we all know, the whole crypto market moves in the same direction. Ideally we come very close to the 1200, if it gets close i will start to short it from 1180 up to 1220. I think a minimum target is around 750
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LOL, BCH has another bullflag and will break the downtrend line soon.
botje11 meomeo888
@meomeo888, I have seen a million flags in my 20 years, it could be one, but chances are very slim. It's the second flag from the 980, the second flag usually only shows a slightly higher high (could be seen as a small bull trap). But who knows, i am not always right :)
@botje11, BCH had down more than 80% since 4k1. The bubble already happened. Why do many people want to short BCH?
Don't short on BCH. It's so dangerous.
botje11 meomeo888
@meomeo888, I was reasoning the same way when i started trading in my first year, only think about where it was in the past and that it had dropped already. The first one i ever traded. i bought at $50, added at $30 and at $15, while th ATH was $300 a few mothns earlier. It was moving in big waves, so i had profit several times, but after 2 years it dropped to $0.50. Just saying, it says nothing, it was my biggest mistake ever i never made it again since. Doesn't mean this is the same, and BCH is goign below the $100 or whatever, just saying the reasoning says very little.
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