Bitcoin $10k and BCH to 4k? Double Dippin? BTFD

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
Looks like we gotta parabolic curve up to $10k with Bitcoin            

next 48hrs going to much fun for all, predicting a retracement on bitcoin             after reaching 10k, which could pull back and event shoot as far as 20k!

On the other hand, BCH looks very over-sold and gearing up for a run too, MA Cross forming. BTC             might pull it up as well and i can foresee a flip from BTC             to BCH and visa versa as well

im not 100% on what this will do to other alts prices, shit coins might get massacred a bit but the major will pull thru after the initial shockwave of reaching 10k

keep options open and stop losses tight :)


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ah great so the retrace will be after 10k? I was hearing it is after 9k?
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