My rendition of what will happen.

COINBASE:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
I'm stuck in with like 75% position on BCH which was bought stupid high from the stupid gdax launch debacle and I'm bitter about it BUT... Here is a big picture chart of what I see and we might see, in my opinion.

Obviously I'm bullish . I am bullish because of bitcoins difficulties, it continues forking (the community is dividing), and this coin is basically bitcoin that is faster and cheaper and has a central shot caller... YEH YEH. I own Litecoin too, which I'm also bullish on for basically the same reason.... Now that they are both on coinbase I don't think one is going to eat the other ( bitcoin cash eat Litecoin). BUT I am thinking I will see the capital from bitcoin sliding down into these at 40% BCH, Litecoin 30%, and ALTS 30%... Don't forget how much market cap bitcoin has...

SO this leads me to the tin foil hat LONG TERM CALL. I hope your ready... Just stick with me; no one can call this far out but Im going from my gut here. I've been obsessed with this trio for about a year.

AS bitcoin collapses under its own technical hurdle weight (this will happen slowly, maybe 5 months but at the end of 2018) we will see the value of ALTS simply SKYROCKET because most are measuring in the amt bitcoin its worth.... After bitcoin sheds about 70% of its value from around 64k there will be a panic point for all the ALT coin traders. They will realize my coins become worthless if bicoin dies and there is no other pair for it to trade too. At this moment Bitcoin will SURGE HUGE only to die another more rapid death bouncing off an ATH just shy of 100K. I'm not going to go down a list of ALT coins that will die but I expect a huge number will during the Bitcoin Collapses. We will then see a good chunk of the ALTS WRAP their market cap back into all currencies with USD pairs. Possibly the old tried and true Bitcoin but I think by this time the flaws in direction and development will have killed bitcoin the Goliath.

BITCOIN will go down as an amazing thing in history. We all know the end of bitcoin does not mean the end of the revolution that has come from it.

I can see the headlines in 50 years: A technology given to us by aliens or the gods 100 years ago
In an age where humans are Hybrids with technology. We look at a retina scanner and a pizza shows up at our door 5 min later via drone.
When cars go out and drive families of 5 around to their individual meetings because we all need 9 million dollars to retire. YES USD WILL EXIST it just has almost no value..
SO we work till were 100, and we die when were 130.

Companies that once traded on the NYSE will now trade as cryto.

AND AS BANKS COLLAPSE and all fiat and INFORMATION moves to blockchain, which we all interface seamlessly on a day to day basis without even thinking about it. We will find ourselves faced with the biggest MOST INTENSE DECISION EVER. AS A HUMAN RACE WE WILL HAVE TO DECIDE; Do we forgive national debts or do we just kill each other?

Fer real.


I am thinking on a MACRO time frame here... Basically all of 2018... Then 2068.... I hope i live to see it BUT I BET WE WILL ALL BE RICH IN FIAT FAR BEFORE we get to the final revolution lol....
It will undoubtedly be something we NEVER forget.

Anyway... Hope you enjoyed this. AND THINK LONG!
Komen: Maybe a little more like this
Komen: I think the up will start on the third... next fib time frame... duh

I plan on loading up on the second. Maybe no bch though.

Weighing my options...
Eth - nearly at ath and has had the smallest retrace... seems to have the most strength during this pullback so it might also go the highest... less coins could be bought so gains might be less.

LTC - I believe this has had the most significant retrace. 500 was looking likely. Lee persona is becoming that of a messiah. Shockingly stable once it finds a price floor historically but pull backs in this coin are also shocking. 2nd biggest gainer of the big 3 from a higher price point (during 2017)

Xrp - have seen very very strong potential from this coin from the beginning of 17. Wish I had bought it then but it was just too difficult to get. Central owner with no cap which is very dangerous. Teaming up with existing fiat infrastructure goes against the fundamental of blockchain currencies. Being added to coinbase (strong rumor) and teaming up with visa.... this seems quite bullish at least in the near term...

Tough call. Would love some insight!
im in this revolution against financial system as well as technology and thats why i start investing in cryto, hope we win some day not only financially but also socially
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