BCHUSD Flag Formation: Next long set-up on break

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
What a difference a week makes. Within hours of the last comment BCH had fallen away to a low at 1631, 7 points
lower than the perfect entry point at 1638, before ripping 300% higher in 6 days flat. Facebook eat your heart out.
Now it's in the process of making a flag formation which will stay good so long as the rising dynamic from the beginning of
the move holds up price on all tests. A break above the upper parallel that's containing this downwave will be worth
following for another retest of the highs...
And on the flip side of this particular coin, if that dynamic from the 'lows' at 1766 gets broken at any point now it will
then fall away further down the same parallel to 2420 where it should bounce once more.Although it looks more likely to
break up rather than down from here, we don't really have to second guess this right now. The chart will tell us and we
can follow.

Trading view has broken down due to heavy traffic and stooped the up;loading of this chart until's very frustrating because it was spot on FFS.
I HAVE to move now - thisis gfinal straw. Bans for nothing and now a flaky website when under pressure.
Komen: This came back down to 1766 buy point just minutes after this was first uploaded and rejected by TV not being able to handle the volume of uploads coning into its servers. This happened the last time Bitcoin went into a tail-spin too. They aren't learning too quick are they? Once again this has cost hundreds of points in lost opportunity. It would have been just fine had the call been slighly out and I'd saved you guys a bum trade, or if the stop had been hit like on Bitcoin lows...but of course because it wasn't allowed to get live in time this BCH was pretty much spot on. Why is that? TV is still not allowing uploads but at least updates are working again, hence this one now for those who who missed it earlier. Look to buy on next dip to 2067 (with stop 20 below) and maybe if very lucky it will flip back to 1899 over the next few hours - look to buy here if tested (put an order in, it may get struck).

BCHUSD Full rinse - ready to go again ahead of weekend

BCH has suffered as Bitcoin has suffered..the break below the
rising dynamic support at 2948 set BCH back into full-on bear
mode and the decline has been hard and fast. Most stale bulls
have been rinsed out in the wash now it's getting ready to
rally ahead of the weekend. Look to buy down to 1764 (with
stops under 1755) and at 1633 of 1755 gives way. Or
alternatively can wait for 1910 to be broken on the upside for
safer long back to the highs.

*Tradingview broke down as this was being uploaded as companion piece to BTG which just managed to escape the site falling over due to heavy traffic.
So whenever something really exciting happens the site collapses. How can anyone deal with this crap?
This call was so perfect that it came right back to 1764 precisely..and rallied....about 15 minutes AFTER this was first sent out to upload.
Komen: Raise stops on longs to 2385

Thanks for the update!
BCH is linked to BTC at present ....
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