Bytecoin BCN positive signs in short term (HIGH RISK)

POLONIEX:BCNBTC   Bytecoin / Bitcoin
We have positive MACD signals on all charts with RSI signaling a rise soon - hovering currently around 40 mark, which is a strong buy. We are personally in this trade for few weeks now and expecting a good rise to come soon.

Possible cup and handle - likely

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Invest what you can afford to lose. We are not your financial advisors.
Feb 14
Komen: Positive break
Feb 14
Feb 14
Komen: Bytecoin will follow Dogecoin. Expect 70 range within few days, if DOGE maintains that high or increases
Feb 17
Komen: Change trade to medium term
Feb 18
Komen: We sold this coin but we see positive movement in short term as indicated by RSI and MACD about to cross

Feb 21
Komen: As predicted in short term - we are going down

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and ?
This coin is so undervalued, devs are doing a really good job lately. Yes I hold some and you can say I shill it but have a look and make your own opinion. DYOR
hi/i think after 110 sat will back to 70 sat /what is your idia?
and may u plz update hsr and take a look at app
@mors2024, You have to be an exclusive member to request updates
mors2024 CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, u mean u will not do it for me .iam your fan
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