Binance Coin BNB 50% Short Term Potential? (MED RISK)

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
Binance Coin has very good potential for movement in next few weeks not only because of positive indicators showing up within this week but also because marketing team is working miracles with this coin with goal or promotion.

An even we should be looking forward to is 1.5 Million Airdrop of BCPT which will be distributed to top 500,000 Binance coin holders. Event occurs on March 2 at 0:00 UTC Time.

After doing a bit research on this coin we found that not much is being said or discussed about this coin which is strange because it's market capture is huge. Is this just another overvalued coin or undervalued peace of gold? You decide, but a small investment might not hurt that much.

Do not invest what you can't afford to lose. We are not your financial advisors.

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Dagangan aktif
Komen: Who is participating in BCPT airdrop?
Komen: Remember that BCPT airdrop is soon. If you're staying reminder to set stop losses in case we will see short term dump.
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big time up!
Binance reducing fees by 50% for using BNB is a big reason for it's market cap. Genius idea. Kucoin has had similar success. I'll be buying the next major exchange to come out with their own coin.
McCloud94 jpbrown1023
@jpbrown1023, what do you think about KCS ? I've got it a few weeks ago, hoping for it to rise similarly as BNB did.. but sofar is pretty stagnant..
I just bought my share few minutes before you post that, totally agree...
@Fullgazz, Great!
keep good work
CryptoManiac101 Kotaiba_Watted
@Kotaiba_Watted, Thanks!
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