Was that just a blip or was that the retrace?

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Yesterday in the GDAX BTCEUR market we saw two sizable dips. the first was clearly a large player selling off their coins because the price dropped and instantly returned. However, a short while later we saw a more sustained decline with a larger volume going through the exchange which managed to give some people (including me) trouble logging in and waiting for a good buy in point.

I had a buy in set at 7k after the first dip, but was then trying to login to raise it to 7500, but didn't get onto the exchange in time to alter it and the price had rebounded. So annoyingly, I bought in higher than I would have liked.

But what does everyone think?

Both dips went down below the 38% fib line which is all we got on the last retrace, so was that it? Are we now going to the moon? Is the current rise and dip part of an ABC correction? We'll have to wait and see.

We've definitely had or are in the correction though, that's for sure.
Also look at the percentage difference from previous dip to dip...
@Onyro, Interestingly, the top of this latest run is the 161% extension of the last run. So as much as whilst we were in it everyone was saying this is defying the charts, it turns out to be fairly textbook.
webmonkey webmonkey
@webmonkey, And the last retrace dipped to nearly 50%, then just over 38% - just like we've just done again pretty much.
Onyro webmonkey
@webmonkey, yup! I can see pretty much standard paterns too... which leads me to think that it was bottom. I published this early yesterday... both high and lows hit.
@Onyro, Looking at that you were pretty much spot on mate. nailed it. :)
Onyro webmonkey
@webmonkey, timing was way off but the values stook :-)
trying to figure out the same thing.
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