After a 8000$ fall, PREPARE to enter Bitcoin

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On the last months I prefer trading alts. I buy very-very low and I sell high. Now Bitcoin seems to offer a good chance to buy it.

After a huge correction from 20000 $ to 11300 $, it seems that we are entering in an new uptrend.

MACD tends to show that, but (for the moment) not DMI and AROON . If you are not confident entering now Bitcoin , wait until all of 3 indicators confirm the uptrend!!!

Personally, and because I have experience of how BTC reacts after such falls, I will risk entering now.

Do not enter because I am telling you. Enter IF you feel it and WHEN you feel it!! That is why I say in the title "PREPARE to enter Bitcoin" and not "ENTER bitcoin"!

If we enter a new uptrend, where will the price of bitcoin will go?
- In a case of an uptrend, I believe that it will easily break the 20000 $ barrier and will head to the psychological barriers of 25000 $ and 30000 $.

Feel free to post your comments! Any opinion is welcome!

* If you won good money with my help and wish to offer me a beer, you can donate me some (fractions of!) BTC or altcoins!

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Komen: I just received a couple of messages asking me for AROON and for DMI.
- for the AROON indicator to confirm an uptrend:
1) the blue line must continue going down
2) the orange line must turn up

- for the DMI indicator to confirm an uptrend:
1) the green line must go higher than the red one (so, here we must wait for them to cross)
2) the black line (showing the intensity of a trend) must be equal or greater than 25.
Dagangan aktif: From the moment I posted the idea, BTC has grown by 8%. The evolution of all 3 indicators seem to confirm the forming uptrend:
1) MACD is confirming that.
2) RSI is confirming that.
3 AROON tends to confirm: blue line started going down and orange line goes up.
4) DMI tends to confirm: blue line started going down and red line goes up.
Komen: Hoping that we have actually the formation of a double bottom...
Dagangan aktif: Yes we have a double bottom. as confirmed some minutes ago by DLavrov:

We expect mostly that BTC will continue to rise. The trade is active.
Dagangan aktif: The 13500 $ was broken on Bitfinex. Now BTC is trading at over 13600$. This is a good sign.

Dagangan aktif: All 4 indicators comfirm the uptrend:
so will it fall to 8000?
NickTsili Rolanduix
@Rolanduix, Noooooo! I did't say such a thing! It is going up
NickTsili Rolanduix
@Rolanduix, When saying "After a 8000$ fall, PREPARE to enter Bitcoin" I meant the fall from 20000 to 12000$. It's -8000$, that's why I proposed to LONG bitcoin!!
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