$BTC short term correction is near before a push through $20k

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
BTC is on on hourly TD 8 en 12 count, Is most probably getting a 9-13 hourly candle next. 4h candle is a 9 candle too.

My other TA is showing BTC overshot my target area by just a bit, another sign we need a short term reverasal. might go back to the blue support line, sounds logical but we will have to see.

you might say your leg count is on a 5 isnt this the end of this total wave structure up. Yes true but if you followed me a longer time you probably know i have many wave counts going to 7 legs on btc before a larger reversal is due.

Next target area after correction is in the charts, after that who know. TA says a larger reversal, but im not that sure yet, so many new people registeing daily accross exchanges, maybe the correction isnt gonna bee as big as i originally thought it would be. still $10k would be a reasonble correction imo , but we will see about that later.

Ah while writing this post i notice BTC startd going down and the 8 hourly doesnt have a 12 count anymore, we are still on for a hourly 9 in the next candle though.

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Komen: We might not get an hourly 9 i see now, thats ok though, 4h is more important and this time indicator is an estimate, sometimes it just doesnt complete a full 9 count and you see reversal happening already.
Komen: btc just beautiful. we did a 4 candle correction after the 4h 9 and bounced strongly form my target area. sorry i didnt post the target before here. now the road to 22k seems open.
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