History likes to repeat

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I know you call me crazy to predict prices such as 100k per BTC , however I see so huge hype on crypto market that this is possible scenario.

Bubbles have one biggest issue - nobody knows when it will break. Usually bubles grow to the levels that nobody expect. Despite we already reached unbelievable levels we may only guess where is the top.

I expect insane FOMO - at least 5 - 10k$ per week interrupted by very fast corrections.

Let's see how it will play out.

Good luck Hodlers and Gamblers
This looks legit actually. good work :)
I agree, it can go much higher than most people expect. Even more so, because we are now in over-exponential growth mode. BTC is really insane now and can achieve prices we never thought possible.
100k, Mt.Finex gets busted, back to 10k?
RmX mikehunt
@mikehunt, FOMO and panic
It is the worst analysis I have ever seen!
ppierro BarisArat
@BarisArat, Even worse than yours? hah
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for all it is worth, i agree. unless some large ban comes ( which i do not think will happen, more a strict regulation of exchanges ), bitcoin, being a deflationary currency ( on account of being numerically limited ), will rise and rise, as long as it is in some way useable. some say that, for example, TX fees are too high. true, but i am sure this will be soon addressed with some new technology ( lightning ).

so unless there is a large global ban ( an enforceable that is ), it will rise for quite some time.
Call you crazy ? well, if you want it, here: "you're crazy right in your madness", and maybe one day some use your graph in some documenty :)

It will go sky high.
Your charting privileges should be yanked
ppierro CryptoFortune
@CryptoFortune, I would expect constructive critism rather than general groan. Explain why.
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