Noobs view on #BTC Correction

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Noobs view on #BTC Correction.
I am just learning the patterns and new to Technical Analysis .
So I can be a 100%wrong!!!

Things I considered for this drop are,
1. SegWit2X is going take a share of hashing power that BitCoin enjoys
2. This share is going to be slowly going to SegWit2X side as it has fixed the technical challenges BitCoin has, as miners move to SegWitX BitCoin block becomes more time consuming to mine with reducing hash rate
3. And the Crypto buyers moving their investment into the new SegWit2X is only going to accelerate the fall of BitCoin

Segwit2x from today is shitcoin it's not old Segwit2x project and different people.. different algo so nobody switch to this shitcoin.. sorry. Please do research.
TheCryptoPot lukaschemp
@lukaschemp, That is what we all hope so. But irrespective of who the developers are, there are lot of Exchanges who are offering this new coin and that is how BitCoin Gold and Cash gained momentum.
1 and 3 - this SegWit2X fork is not the same as before, its a fake one being implemented by different people to me it is a scam..
2 - when the hashing power drops the difficulty drops to so it will make no difference

You can be right about the chart but you need to research a little bit more about Bitcoin
@vinivius, Thank you!
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