Bitcoin: Three Possibilities - Technical Analysis, not Magic.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar

This chart is only valid once the condition indicated is met. Which is breaking below 9200$ as indicated in the chart.

We have three possibilities one of which will work out (again once the condition is met)

The first possibility is finding support on the March 2017 uptrend line which is also the end of the cloud as well as a fib level.

The second possibility is the double bottom , basically touching 6k which was the lowest price reached since the exponential growth to 20k.

The third possibility is the descending broadening wedge coming into play, which will place us at a low of around 3.8 to 4k. This is a previous support/resistance region. This will be a completely healthy correction for the market and will reset the overbought monthly RSI .

Komen: I'm heading to sleep, but here is some information you should keep in mind for the next couple of hours:

1) 4hr RSI is oversold, cloud resistance at 10.4k. (So we might see a rise to 10.4k to reset the RSI)

2) Also, a pennant is forming (too early to tell, but its halfway) pennants are continuation patterns, so once it breaks the price will be dropping down. (can be seen in the 15 min frame)

if 2) breaks up, then option 1) will come to play.
if 2) drops down then we will be heading to 9.2k

Here is the pennant I'm talking about (remember, it's not complete, so it might not be a pennant, but regardless there is a downtrend line that is being reacted to)

Dagangan aktif
Komen: Flashback to Feb 19th when I called the Inverse head and shoulders pretty much before the majority (Log scale!)

Then based on indicators updated the idea on the 26th of Feb and said that the head and shoulders is not going to work out:

Komen: Eventhough the price bounced that doesn't mean that this is a reversal!!

These points are all strong support regions, so we are going to see a rise after each one of them is touched!!
If the price starts falling back down then that would mean it wasn't a true reversal and a lower support is going to be tested.
Komen: BTW the trend indicator used is red, so that points to the fact that we will see a drop in price, not sure how big the drop will be yet though.
Komen: As mentioned yesterday, that it will either fall down at 9.9 or 10.2k.
Well it fell down at 9900 exactly in bitfinex, let's see how this goes now. Are we going down to test 6k? We will find out soon.

I will update this once I have access to a PC so I can look at the chart.
Komen: A lot of bearish indicators just in case it wasn't clear that I believe we are going down further from the previous updates.
Komen: Breakdown target: 7555$
Breakup target: 11300$

Komen: ** If you don't have much experience, wait for the final bottom. Day trading in such conditions isn't easy and I don't recommend it.
Komen: According to fractals (not reliable), the price should be falling down hard within a couple of hours (so next hr candle or the one after)
Again, fractals aren't reliable, but they have been matching with a small error margin for the past two days as can be seen below:

you update to slow and write simple D:
@MetosTr, he doesn't owe you updates, you know?
+5 Balas
MetosTr karlkrawall
@karlkrawall, so ?
DoyleKim MetosTr
@MetosTr, don't be a finger princess kid.
+3 Balas
UPdate for now dipping will be over at 7555 ? D: ?
brother any target in your mind?
Im for 7.8k maybe
DCFreak AndreChristianto
@AndreChristianto, just updated it for you.
+1 Balas
@DCFreak, I feel amazing :)
thx man
Great chart as always and you're in good company GS ( Goldman ) is looking for $5,900 then again they called for oil to $250 right before it fell off a clif - Good luck.
Could easilly be 5 more days of the bulls fighting for their lives before we go down buddy. Prepare your pillows! :)
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