Explaining the BTC-core-fractal: JOES-fractal

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar

You can see there are 3 main fractals: januari, februari & now

They resemble each other in some way or an other.

What we try to do at the moment is to predict the coming moves of the third (right now) fractal !

The main fractal is build out of hundreds of small fractals.
(look at my explanation at the chart: "The blockchain of fractals")

For predicting we take the piece of fractal from januari because at the moment that resembles the most.
But it is also good to take fractal 2 in view: the fractalmoves of today differ of course!

Best following is by taking the 1minute chart from Bitfinex.
Be carefull, there you see again all strange formed fractals which drive you crazy.
Zoom out to 30 minutes or 1 hour chart from time to time.

Time and hight/lows differ sometimes enormously.

But, you do have a guide to trade! It points out the direction we're going, and sometimes almost equal to former grand-fractal.

The todays fractal is almost to its end (monday?)

Then it starts again......which direction?
Time will tell.

Greetings & happy trade!

Komen: 1 = 6 mountains/rockets/cathedrals (what ever you like to call them)
2 = ascending straight part, sometimes with pauze in the middle (a mountain f.e.)
3 = two cats-ears
4 = descending part in steps
5 = tail (mostly down but also going up)

why so high today?
possible explanation:

B is equal to A now.
In januari and februari it was much lower.
So it's lifted up.

C is higher then B.
In the other fractals it is equal.
So lifted up too!

Twice lifted up thus reaching higher (!?!)
Komen: timeframe (always difficult because of acceleration and slowdowns)

Komen: as we can see now: first cats-ear has been formed at 9620.
so highet point reached (?)
second ear also formed.
Going down (a lot!?)
Komen: just checked the timeframe.
guess what?
I checked what day thursday would be: it's 15 march.

What about the fractal from januari?
15 JANUARI (at 11.30h) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Komen: although it also looks like a pump-and-dump !
actually, don't really understand your theory~~~ do you have reference for ppl to study~~~?
@AntiqueSoul, please read also cryptopaatje (dot) wordpress (dot) com.
It's not directly a theory: I just found out that almost all graphs, cryptos, gold stocks etc follow 1 fractal!.
That fractal you can find everywhere in the graphs.
1 giant one from novembre till now, which consist of 3 big-ones (in january, february and march)
They all consist of hundreds of small fractals.

What we are doing now is trying to follow the markets moves by using these earlier formed fractals to predict what is coming.
So I have found out that the fractal(s) of 2014 are equalling to days market/graphs movements!
We try to follow them.
See my last charts to follow todays moves.

If we can trade because we can see where we are going, you can profit a lot!
VBAmaster cryptopaatje
@cryptopaatje, Thanks for the reply, the ppl just means people~~~Um. I know all these price movements is fractal when I zoom out and zoom in, For example, a Long wick green candle when I zoom in is actually an upthrust~ But I didn't know how this help predicting
@AntiqueSoul, p.s. what is ppl?
Finally u got it.
I have been ban for my final analysis where I reveal all, they call it to offensive.
My last advice on your top analysis change names for the fractals to A and B there are only two.
Now everyone can see it.
I have a non-published Bitcoin chart where I drew the last section and correctly identified the bottom section, but the top was still going higher than previously, as you mention. It's rolling over right now and it actually resembles the February drop. There's a downward (red) tail and then 3 upwards (green tails) before rolling over. I think Bitcoin just got as high as it was going to get and now begin it's descent into the next lowest range. It seems as though the whole pattern has been slow and spread, except this last part which has moved very quick through it's stages. More futures come due on the 14th, so if it's already this low, it's about to get lower by Wednesday. Not sure about the whole drop, but who really knows.
@SpectreX, oke, thankx. see my last update ideas at the last chart. (can't publish any charts today: reached a max!)
@SpectreX, have you published that chart or where to find?
SpectreX cryptopaatje
@cryptopaatje, No, I haven't published it. Got some other stuff moved around too much while playing with the lines. If I get a chance later, I'll fix it up and try to highlight some spots.
this is so much better explained. This is interesting. Gonna follow your reports from now
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