From tiny, fast JOES-fractals 11jan, to bigger, slow ones today.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
11 jan:


(for me it's the first time too to follow the charts minute by minute!)

It seems that the 11 jan move( fractal ) is somewhat tiny and takes 1/2 an hour.

Today the fractal is somewhat bigger and takes more then 1,5 hour.

Best is maybe to put up two screens.
Scroll back to 11 janin the graph and leave it there so you to do it once.
Second screen for the todaysgraph.

Don't forget to zoom out (to 5 or 15 minute chart) to hold a good overview.

Then even trading in going down is possible, but keep in mind that it's NOT the same as 11 jan. There are variations!
Be carefull.

the spike on the right seems higher then at 11 jan.
is confusing that sort of things!
Komen: well, and a strange move downwards.....hmmm what are we going to get?
Komen: oh I see, no so strange.
Komen: they don't resemble much:

Komen: we will see the bottom of this soon.

by the way:

market is going faster.
The part 2 of the prognosis has changed.
First we purple 38 / 30 / 24,5 / 98 / 73 / 62,5

now we have: purple 38 / purple 10 ! / ? /? / ? /
in other words: it has adjusted speed to that of januari.........
Komen: it has started to climb up in the following part (part 36 h in 11 jan chart)
hasn't reach the lowest point.
Lowest point overhere 9010!

Due to that strange spike high up (?)

Up for the next round!
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