I Just Want Cheap Bitcoins ! FUD

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Just to prove BTC can still break ATHs in the future even if it goes down further than the "local" low of 2980....

Two scenarios
1) 2980 was just a local low -> most probably sell if it appears Bitcoin is having trouble with the 4xs "IF" gets there
2) 2980 was "the" low -> maybe sleep easy for the next coming week/month these bull runs do last some time between the days they start and finish..

I need that LTC bottom to make serious money; but probably can't get it at this rate.

Lots of FUD is going to try to crash this ten get it at an even lower low then to buy and "compound" their interests -> profit from the multiple flips.

I sort of want this to go down even further to better position money if the multi month bull-run is still intact....

I just want cheap Bitcoins ; there's still alot of "unclaimed" profit... if we position ourselves properly we can grab -> doing an investment of the century.

The more FUD the better only until then there's good news sellers can come flooding back opening the flood gates of "value money" back in...
Komen: Breakout; or at least the first test of the resis between 3800-4000;

Back in position.. for an alts run.

Money to the people !

What we are fighting for here...
What are referring to by "local low" can you reference what that means.
Also, what is your chart highlighting? They don't seem to be support levels or channels...
you got some seriously nice drawing up there :P
thanks for your work.
DatNgo sifeij
@sifeij, :) - I'm abit too passionate about decentralization of monies hehe
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