After a beautiful surge, we are not staring at at bullish flag , gathering strength into another breakout?

With more Traditional exchanges will allow trading in the crypto world will equal to more capital flowing into crypto thus pushing value higher. So unless, we are going to get some major bad news, it is unlikely that crypto will suffer a major bear event.

From here, it seems that we are just 1 more surge away from bear, and into a slow bull developing momentum, how long will take, not sure, but we will keep an eye on it.

We are in C-D pattern right now, so we might have more sell off, before final push.

Good luck everyone ;)

BLUE = Bear/Resistance
Yellow = Bull/ Support

~Explore the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~
/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

If you want your coin to be analyzed, JUST ask.
If you got a question, ASK away!
And please keep those Stop losses in place!

Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation - vertical lines!

Thank you,
-If you are using my work on an external domain - other than, please notify me.

Thank you for your support in my efforts to better understand: financial chart behavior and Fractal Universe.
Does this move up qualify? ;)
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Great Setup following you now! I have a short Position running on EOS what do you think?
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Ajion DACapitalTrading
@DACapitalTrading, I think u nailed it ;)
A nice idea and here is ours
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Ajion Safe_Signal
@Safe_Signal, can u make it even more simple ;)
@Ajion, Simple is the best :)
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i need more lines
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