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I'm buying the $12'000 level, keeping an eye on historical volatility and RSI to anticipate the upward trend; that is not due very soon though. We have seen panic can spread fast and certainly the last correction is still on many trader's mind.

It is not yet to ignore the elephant in the room which is bitcoin's current high cost of use (which has not been detrimental to the price particularly, but can affect a panic given its importancy) and the rising regulator's concern around the subject that will produce media streams of news.
2018 will house technology evolutions, maybe more important investments and broader institutional acknowlegment. I especially look forward the last mentioned item.

Please, use a reasonable stop loss.
Recently Ive seen bch marketed as the BTC 2.0 that would deal with high costs and deal with brand problems.
I'm sceptical that you can kill the giant but some people are making the marketing moves towards it. What is your opinion@
aphexmean Malkaviano
@Malkaviano, I really love btc and I really dislike all the fuss. Btc is one of the very few chains that is experimenting scalability issues; bch is well below eth and btc. Basically bch can just carry like 16 transactions per second whereas btc can achive 3 and a half now, costing a lot. Bch is way cheaper, but whenever bch will be experimenting such traffic like btc, I don't think bigger blocks will do much.

I stick to btc because I consider it kind of conservative (funny--but relatively to other cryptos), bch is just born.
I personally don't have many problems eventually accepting bch as the true btc, but I will do it when it will be an actual better product. For now, only marketing.
Malkaviano aphexmean
Thank you for your input.
I agree on the most part , but isn't the marketing a show of some movement of bigger players in a specific direction?

Still the 4x improvement of bch isn't significant in comparison.

For now ripple stands as most accommodating to growth. But still remains in the shadows.

I'm wondering what are the possible moves in the future. Right now bitcoin with 10-20usd fees is not acceptable.
I ask myself what do I use to transfer funds across exchanges, and its usually LTC.
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