Weekly review of 10 major cryptocurrencies 5.03.18 - 11.03.18

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Last week, the main cryptocurrencies noticeably lost in price. Bitcoin completely lost the achievements of the previous week and returned to $ 9,500. BTC’s share in total capitalization increased to 41.8%. The decline lasted all week, except for Sunday.
The number of billionaire-coins decreased to 24, and their total number (according to increased to 1556.
The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market decreased to $ 386 billion.

Bitcoin for the week fell by 17% from $ 11,500 to $ 9,500, minimum being at $ 8,300.
On the weekly chart, the rate fell below the slow and fast moving averages that crossed, giving a long-term signal for sale.
On the daily chart , "Crossing moving averages" also returned to sale.

Thus, Bitcoin remains in the consolidation of $ 8000- $ 12000. At the same time, while quotes are below $ 10,500, further downgrade is quite likely.

Ethereum for the week lost 17% off the price from $ 866 to $ 720, minimum being at $ 630

The way out of the decaying consolidation is downward on increased volumes.
With a rate of less than $ 800, further downgrade is more likely.

Ripple (XRPUSD) lost 19% for the week, going from $ 1 to $ 0.81

Exit down from the consolidation. The rate fell below the slow moving average on the weekly chart and below the important support level of $ 0.9.
Further decline is more likely.

BCHUSD for the week fell by 10% from $ 1,280 to $ 1140, minimum being at $ 914

The sell signal from the Moving Average Crossing on the weekly chart.
Further gradual decline is more likely.

Litecoin fell by 11% from $ 212 to $ 188, reaching a minimum of $ 154

Consolidation without an explicit trend.

DASH fell by 14% from $ 617 to $ 530, minimum being at $ 425

Crossing moving averages is on sale on the weekly chart.
Further decline is more likely.

NEM for the week did not change, remaining at $ 0.35
The rate fell down to a strong support zone , which so far stopped further downward movement. However, there is no rebound.
Most likely, the gradual decline will continue.

Monero for the week fell by 24% from $ 368 to $ 280 reaching $ 240

Heights achieved a week ago were completely lost.
Consolidation near the current price is most likely for this week.

NEO for the week fell by 25% from $ 120 to $ 90 reaching a minimum of $ 79

Not keeping with the fast moving average, the rate fell to a slow average. Most likely a consolidation between the averages will continue ($ 80- $ 120)

IOTA fell by 28% from $ 1.90 to $ 1.37 minimum being at $ 1.14

A sell signal was received from the Moving Average of the weekly chart.
This week, consolidation over the $ 1.1 support level is likely

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