BTC: Bitcoin 2017 Bubble run Forecast

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar

has left the historic blue "value channel" and started on parabolic trajectory into a bubble run once again.
Refer to 2013 years in chart for last two bubbles analyzed.
~Top 2017 bubble price forecast ~$49,500
Watch for breakdown of parabolic line with bearish candlestick/TA to signal popping of the bubble.
Expect significant 68%-80% price drop to occur over spring of 2018 once bubble popped depending on how high it went.

2017 recent escape above channel:

2013 last two bubbles:

Entire view:

great work!
I keep coming back to this chart every other week. Soo good, like a Coen brothers movie.
Soooo it broke the parabola...
Whau cryptocraycray, - this seems to hold - even now after a fast rise and a rather hard correction. :)
Every indicator says btc is overbought, every average Joe I see talks about btc. The btc markt has gone completely emotional and everyone is in a buying frenzy. I sold my btc, already made enough profits. It could go higher but that doesn't matter to me. There are other cryptos, stocks, forex, etc to trade. I want to preserve my capital and the likelihood that a BIG correction is coming is too high for me.
And what does it mean when it breaks parabola up? Drop coming even sooner? This is nuts.
Nearly $64m in bitcoin has been stolen by hackers who broke into Slovenian-based bitcoin mining marketplace NiceHash.
Bitcoin will reach 20,000$-21,000$ by January 2018
+2 Balas
Nice analysis but the landscape has totally changed.
Hey Guys,

I am a novice at this.. but I was gonna buy in when it was 6k, and didnt.

Now its at 16k and im wondering if BTC will just keep on growing? or if its gonna drop?

I just dont know when the right time to buy in is?

Would appreciate any feedback! Thanks legends.
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