Lol you expect the same amount of something to be traded when it is valued at 17000% more? Chart volume in USD bud.
+1 Balas
Cashing out for Thanksgiving!
@thefreedommatrix thanks for your thoughts, however youre not taking into account bitcoin dominance. That being said the biggest reason is likely that Chinese exchanges stopped offering zero fees. That and the fact that bitcoin has gravitated to more of a storage of value.

Thanks again for your thoughts
thefreedommatrix aburttschell
@aburttschell, For bitcoin to "win" Satoshi Nakamoto's divine code should have included backing in silver/gold. U can't take down the central banks with air money unfortunately...
Combining blockchain with sound money decentralized, being adopted world wide out of reach of the greedy banksters rubbing their hands would have saved the world from corruption for ever imo

"How do you price infinite wisdom gifted to an unworthy world through the lines of the most finely crafted code imaginable, programmed to store ALL of your worth and savings into a sacred digital wallet you can put on a tiny thumb drive for safe keeping? Immagine becoming a TRILLIONAIRE, because his code has already guaranteed it with the purchase of a single bitcoin!
It's all already in the CODE!!!" X)
thefreedommatrix thefreedommatrix
Modern economic teachings demand infinite growth. A flat or falling population kills capitalism also --> sacrificing the poor/genocide on the basis of higher yields through debt --> migration crisis
The dragon in hobbit want to sit on all the wealth... Our entire history since Sumerian has been about wealth extraction.
Babylon created a monarchy by taxation..

Origin of money 2046 BC - "Bill of exchange"
kings owned all the lands, they were the first bankers, temples were the banks. Money was maliciously introduced as a tool of enslavement.
Money did NOT evolve out of barter and trade as we've been taught.. Always been Rulers/Ruled
thefreedommatrix aburttschell
@aburttschell, No prob, take care!
Smart money or people aren't buying into these ATH. The only thing that can keep this bull run going is a printing of more tethers. Watch the tethers it will show you when there will be a run.
+2 Balas
@ezebaby, Yes! The banksters will "tame" cryptos now, it's not outside the system. Many people have made profits on crypto and that's great but it's never solidified profits until u actually take the profit out through exchanges. Smart people sell incrementally.

Think you'll enjoy this one (tulpit mania compared to bitcoin and other bubbles through history)
ezebaby thefreedommatrix
@thefreedommatrix, I have my exit strategy set when Bitfinex goes offline.
Interesting observation. I had *just* tweeted a comment on BTC volume immediately before opening this. Not that I have done quite the level of analysis you have regarding the subject (thank you, btw), but I can't help but notice that volume is low relative to the action and where volume does spike it seems to be on the sell side.
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