Diversify holdings, see macd on 30min,1hr,4hr and daily charts

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
No need to panic but some bearish signs emerging.

30min, hourly, 4hr all showing negative on macd . If that daily ever crosses on such an overextended price lookout! That said so many newbies into the market (bittrex not taking new people) most daily verification processes taking 2 weeks (at least here in Australia) it should easy hold on new money alone. I honestly also believe CME will also push up prices. CME can only move the price so far per day, so the best way for them to make as much money as possible is to just keep pushing it up. Once stable over 20k, it'll run to 25k             , then hype/no major psychological resistance and I believe 50k is a lock.

That said if a whale/cme ever wanted to try for a big retracement it would be now. I'm happy enough that I have a few alts I'm very bullish on and have spreaded my money around. Even if BTC             goes on strong I think these will accumulate wealth quicker. I will be watching very closely these coming days.

If this was anything other than BTC             I would be very worried but BTC             is a monster and won't be stopped imho             .

Speaking of ALTS honestly just bought Vechain (less than 5% of my portfolio) without doing any TA. It just got news out of China of an official govt             partnership. Check VeChain (apparently not on trading view).
Komen: If anyone hasn't noticed BTC is in a pullback simply by market share. Last 2 weeks it's had a 10% rise but the market is up 20%. It's actually lost 15% market share.

Normally 50% BTC market domination would mean buy now, but I need to see momentum change before I'm back in on BTC. Simply put the alts are killing it right now.

If you haven't looked into VeChain, Walton and Wabi, I'd suggest you do your research. Would never tell you what to do with your own money but these are worth a look. See VeChain's twitter, offical partnership with Chinese Govt. Walton on a burn (called it out a few days ago, couldn't chart as not on trading view) and tbh I hope Wabi allows me to retire young. See datadash's video re wabi!
Komen: Also my Shaq quick maf might be off, but those numbers re market share etc seem pretty correct. Check coinmarketcap market share graph if you need clarification.
Despite Bitcoin Judas Roger trying his best to crash BTC price with the optimal timing of Coinbase release of Btrash BTC has hit a trendline and coming back strong. Which is incredible after the macd cross we just had. It looks safe, especially with lightning coming soon.

That said my money is elsewhere. Repeating I like BTC long term but short term my money is 100% off btc atm.
You're completely right about marketcap, VEN's partnership in a province with China! i'll look into WABI and Walton, but spot on
@Ansel22, Thanks mate, call out anything I've missed. It's hard while working full time to be across everything hahaha so I've undoubtedly missed something. Also ICO's are profitable so if you see a solid one with a working product coming out shout it out!
Ansel22 TristanWallace
@TristanWallace, just finished up for the year myself, will keep an eye out!
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