Bitcoin - How i see the end of this cycle.

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Okay, so this chart is a little messy but hear me out. He i have laid down the btc Log Curve Zones and extended them roughly to how they will be in the future.
If we look back to the march covid black swan, you will see we deviated 48% from the bottom of the green log zone. Now you may ask why is this important ???
Well this is important because its the first time in THIS model, we ever broke out the log curve. This also means, if we can fall out of it, there is no reason we cannot
break out the top of the curve also ( overextend )
Okay so lets talk numbers, When we dipped 48% out of the curve in march we hit $3800. If we where to end the cycle in the "red zone" like we always have done. BTC price should be roughly $120000-$155000
BUT if we where to do a similar thing as to back in march and we have some crazy overextended blow off top. BTC could hit as high as $288000 YES i know. This seems a crazy number. But it is possible.

According to my data and looking at Stock to flow and also basis on extended cycles. We should see a top any when from January the 4th - March the 27th.
Now i do not have a crystal ball, and no one really know how overextended we are going to get in this last run up. But look at my chart yourself and do your own TA.

All the signs are there to say this run is not finished yet. BTC is about to blow everyone away. Be a part of it. Or you may be paying over 100000$ per BTC :)

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