Bitcoin Shaping up to make a move

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Time to see Bitcoin decide!

TA Only:

Significant Long term bull trend
Higher lows
10k psychological support
Symmetrical triangle of Sorts
Its Bitcoin!

Bear Div
RSI Lower highs
EMA Cross
Head and shoulders top inside bigger head and shoulders top
Medium term long term support is a lot lower
Significant 20k psychological resistance
Komen: We're trying!

Komen: BTC Break out.. $16600 in sight. Will be intereting to see if we can break it - there will be a lot of stops / liquidations in the gap above. RSI is trying to break. Looks promising all round.

Komen: (With new strat ive developed)

Komen: BTC Is bearish on the 4hour

Would you mind making a post about how to read VPVR and the customazation of your moving exponentials?
And also I wonder which indication is the strongest one for you to to enter a long position? I see your trades are very awesome, any tips for which indicators you belive is the stronest ones?
@Crypapi, I use custom exponential moving averages to determine trend (Bull - Green / Bear - Purple) and Divergence (Bull - Bule / Bear - Red). OBV gives a good idea of the volume which is traditionally used as a leading indicator to price direction.
filbfilb filbfilb
@filbfilb, When trading i go +1 or -1 on positions when trend changes and operate trading entries seperately in time and weight fot the EMA and Divergence.
Crypapi filbfilb
@filbfilb, Thanks alot, I will check this out!
This is what i mean Flib, what do you think about this scenario?:

Crypapi Crypapi
@Crypapi, In other words, bullish move now, buy opportunity?
@Crypapi, i generally expect a bullish triangle similar to the above yes, but im not buying until i get the right indication to do so. :)
filbfilb filbfilb
@Crypapi (it will be a blue or green candle again)
Crypapi filbfilb
@filbfilb, i see, im still learning elliot and pitchforking combined. I havent bought yet either just asking about your opinion. thanks
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