Still on the sidelines.... Whats you plan?

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I am still on the sidelines waiting for the 'BIG DUMP' on BTC .... all while ETH is going bonkers. When is a good time to get in on the ETH game?? Now.. Since i missed the big rocket up? Or just keep waiting on the sidelines, until BTC makes its move. Really was hoping for rock bottom on BTC , but loosing confidence it's going to happen. Let me know your insight! Thanks.
Funny thing is, this confirms my own analysis: that over-optimistic buyers waiting for cheaper BTC will soon start to lose confidence it'll ever happen, at which point BTC will start it's uptrend for real. So I consider your analysis a buy signal.
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@EuroDale, Yea... Totally get that. Saw it on the first huge drop. I guess i am a bear at heart? so was hoping for the bottom. Thanks for the feedback!
You havent missed the LTC rocket yet. If BTC goes up or trades sideways LTC will moon shortly, if BTC dumps then LTC will go with it.
@ant187, Seems like BTC wants to go up... and i think that with the new year, people want it. So i have a feeling it's going up. but wanted to wait till that 14200 mark.

I am only at Gemini... @ant187, thoughts on a good exchange to get into to get LTC? Coinbase seems horrible to me and not in real enough time....
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scotchindn JohnWayneWeb
@JohnWayneWeb, have you looked at GDAX? yeah, it's a coinbase company but you can make trades (limits, not market trades) at no cost.
JohnWayneWeb scotchindn
@scotchindn, Looking at it now! Apprecaite it!
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