Bitcoin - Moment of Truth - Don't get trolled - Log Scale

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This is just a quick update that the price didn't break through the downtrend yet as everybody else is claiming.
Remember H&S is only a possibility once the neckline is broken. Sad to see half of the community miss using H&S by picking random shoulders, random necklines and prematurely using it as a fact that will happen for sure hence ignoring other possibilities.

Regardless of any chart out there, there are two confirmed patterns

1) Ascending channel
2) Broadening wedge

We are a few days away from finding out which pattern overtakes the other, so meanwhile, ignore all the trolls and the arrows to the moon.

*Tip: Use logscale... don't be using linear on a year worth of data.

I'm personally inclined towards 2) However, I'm not going to let that blind me from other patterns out there.

DON'T ever fight the flow, you will sink. Ride the wave left or right it goes.

Komen: Here are some important values:
Above 11740$ thats a bull trend confirmation.
Below 11000$ is a bear trend confirmation.
Komen: ^ I missed up the downtrend line a bit. use the numbers above instead.

Below 11100 is the 1st downtrend confirmation, 10900 is the 2nd downtrend confirmation. (After 10900$ I would be certain of a fall).
Komen: Here is the corrected downtrend line chart:

Komen: I don't think this is the real breakdown yet.

I believe it will reach around 11193$ then go back up for the final rise. we shall see.
Komen: Triple bearish divergence in the 1Hr frame.. wait for the drop ;)
Komen: keep an eye on BTC right now, its near the downtrend line in the corrected chart.
Komen: yesterday it was triple bearish div, now its quadruple.
Still waiting to see what happens.
Komen: Downtrend is not confirmed yet. But this is the first step in a downtrend.
Komen: I'm still waiting for a confirmed trend, so my entry point is 11700$
Komen: if this trendline is broken, we can say gg to bulls

Now what do you think?
For now we rejected the log trendline res just like we rejected the linear one.
How can I see what the whales on Okex are doing?
DCFreak MrRenev
@MrRenev, twitter.com/whalecalls
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When you mentioned that you expect the price to go above $11k before dropping again, do you mean that it will form a "right shoulder" (to about $11,120), before coming down?

Just saw your message on Telegram. Don't ever think about quitting TA! Just ignore toxic people.

Even if the price hadn't dropped, you would have still been my number 1 guy to follow. Remember, no one can be 100% accurate.

I follow you not because I want someone to tell me when to buy or when to sell. I follow you because you have a different perspective. You called that big price drop in January while every other people ,and I mean EVERY, were singing bullish songs. Another reason why I follow you is you also try to teach people that follow you how to do TA. I really hope that you hit your target and start doing some videos.

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MrRenev vitruvius
@vitruvius, They're all following some clown(s) that highlight their one good call and act victorious and everything.
And also I wonder if people aren't in the denial and anger phase of a bubble burst...
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crypticgroove vitruvius
@vitruvius, agree, followed @DCFreak after a good discussion in december and I think I learn more about trading here than most of the rest of cryptospace.
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