BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Bitcoin             is still a short, new tax day tomorrow for all people on a calendar year financial year.

Sooo you delay your tax by 12m if you sell tomorrow rather than on the 31/12/17..

Happy new year


That makes no sense. New tax plan will take effect starting from 1.Jan.2018.
Wouldn't be better for you to sell before that date and not to fall under new tax rule ?
ziptrade MaxL82
@MaxL82, forgive me, what is the new tax rule? I am not from the US of A.
I was just assuming as usual assets that have good calendar year performance can suffer profit taking early jan
ziptrade ziptrade
@ziptrade, especially those thay may or may not be up 20,000% (at some point) during the year on misinformation and misunderstanding between price of bitcoin and value of blockchain
ziptrade MaxL82
@MaxL82, wait until all the punters who purchased futures get hit with margin calls monday :O
ziptrade ziptrade
MaxL82 ziptrade
@ziptrade, that is very small percentage of investors.
ziptrade MaxL82
@MaxL82, sure but average daily turnover is only 60,000 coins and the top guys have already started selling
you can bury your head in the sand and puke with the rest of them or you can get out and re-asses in 24 hours..
whats the downside?

id say 50%
huh but what unless you withdraw funds from marketplace you have no need to pay tax, it's a weird logic
ziptrade KoypishMikhail
@KoypishMikhail, yes ok unless you withdraw funds from the marketplace but if its cryptageddon unless linked to a REAL asset i.e. USD or another TANGIBLE asset..
unfortunately these tokens will be seen as what they really are.

you dont need to pay a high price to using blockchain tokens

Price is what you pay, value is what you get
@ziptrade, so you're agree that paying of tax is not a reason for tomorrow market movement?

Ok, but could you please tell which logic/intuition/calculations is your prediction based on?
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