Tradition Descending Wedge Formation + Irratic Volume

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Why not get bullish ? Here is a traditional idea..

Lets see how the Heartbeats compare to the self fulfilling psychological patterns of the old school..
20 December 
Price bitcoin = 17k
Price cvc = 0.00005669 
Price power = 0.00007502
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Benjamix Alimoheb55
@Alimoheb55, Don´t take this the wrong way, this is just an opinion based on my experience working with the coins and finding it interesting and betting just like you, more of a hobby than a salary but I am nearing a salary (just need that lazy million haha).. Mate, I will tell you how I do it.. I have spread myself across as many exchanges and coins as my purse can handle.. I often dabble with coins that are not in the top 10 for volume and market cap but within moderation and I have been known to put bucks into low satoshis like doge and sc and maybe even low satoshi Eth and Xmr markets picking up 3-10% each ticker change.. Thats all great till their bubble pops and you need a plan of attack in those situations.. It is all gambling /probability but some of it is a little bit more rock solid i.e. highly liquid top 10 or so coins.. Why do I spread myself thin ? Well, because I have weathered heavy storms like exchange failures, coin delisting, USDT volatility.. etc. What has helped me beyond a doubt is reading the Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns and pursuing my own method of charting because in a round about way I am focussing in on what all the others are talking about.. they say 0.5 retracement, I say axis.. I think you need to come to terms with your own understanding of this animal so you are confident putting your money where your gut is. There is no silver bullet, you will have to draw on all your knowledge of how life and herd works, all your observations and mathematical mind and then physically you will have to be strong and couragous.. You might even find this journey helps you with nearly all other aspects of your being as you start to get a handle over fear..

I answered your question in a round about way.. but to the point, BTC leads other coins in my experience, if it goes up it on average beats the rest unless you are lucky enough to win the lottery with the two you have chosen.. I've given up trying to win individual lotteries, as you can see I am playing some kind of "law" of averages and it works like a charm for me.

Best of luck with your investment ! We are all going to need it !! Cheers !
I had Bitcoin December 20, I changed to CVC and power and kcs.
Wrong or true
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Benjamix Alimoheb55
@Alimoheb55, your CVC pick looks to be trapped in a Bullish Tug of War with an ASH or you could look at it traditionally as a symmetrical triangle.. I might join your long bet on it...
Benjamix Alimoheb55
@Alimoheb55, I cant chart Kucoin here but your KCS was a good pick too breaking out up out of a classic ascending triangle.. Nice work, looks like you don´t need any help from me bro ! haha Congratulations !
Benjamix Benjamix
@Benjamix, take profit and diversify, you have a good eye, use it on as many coins as you can !
Benjamix Benjamix
@Benjamix, most ascending triangles have a pullback to the top line (axis in my book) I might try this Kucoin exchange out, see if it is as good as Binance !
do you have the same opinion on the 1hr ?
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Benjamix ypearson
@ypearson, I´m a trade a minute kinda player but the 1 day helps me zoom out.. take a deep breath.. use DCA tequniques if anything.. Remember we are betting to win and winning can take days or weeks but the idea is we win for our retirement.. I´m literally ready for anything

To answer your question nothing changes on the 1hr, it just gets prettier colouring

Benjamix Benjamix
The more people confused creating noise i.e. changing the direction of the price, the better off I am..
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