[BTCUSD] Bulls are back on the front lines

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
It's been so long. I have been busy studying and working so did not have much time for TV. I have time today and it is christmas so this is my first gift of the year. (Planning on getting back full force on TradingView. Give back to the community what I learned from here.

So, BTC we are lucky, stress have passed so get ready to get bullish .

First test is done already, so I am posting this in advance to give the time to get ready.

Place your buy at 12780$, if the 30 mins candle closes below that lvl , sell and make a buy at 11200$.

It should be safe to ride it til my first sell but I am going to update it as the candles forms.

The chart speaks for it self. Don't be shy to ask question, it is how you are going to be better.

Marry christmas to you and all you families.

Best regards,
Komen: Sorry For commenting on my own post:

So, Just to clarify:

Komen: Second Test is live. Keep a close watch. Make my chart yours, so you can follow the PA. It should retrace down to look for a better support. so Buy at the rectangle(risky) If PA closes above the "Cloud" it will means that the storm has passed(safe buy long term : 2 to 5 days***).

***I will keep you updated

Komen: If you bought it yesterday afternoon don't sell. If you are not still in do not jump in yet give it some time to catch a beautiful bullish move.

Komen: I start to see some fatigue. keep a close watch just in case. But it went well until now ;)
Komen: Sorry guys i couldn't update it. It is because i have a job. I wish i could do this for a living. But still working on it. I promise to update it as i get home. Other new currencies coming up.
Komen: But as i always tell you. Cryptos are very volatile are candles formation are necessary for accuracy. So you have to spend time watching the charts to catch the best opportunity. Best at the lowest price sell at the highest. It's not the money that counts but the number of units you can get this way ;) that's why you have to have fun when you do this. Good luck
Komen: This is the best that I could that with my gf's tablet. But consolidation while trending up. blue line are resistances so there will be push backs. When? need more candles. BTC is special, too much media arround it so very instable. but very doable if you have all day enjoying this

Questions? I can answer them from my cellphone.
nah, wrong chart. bad for me as well
sth alike
@ea87917, Good work buddy!
ea87917 BabasNumbaOne
@BabasNumbaOne, thanks, u too)
In my elliot wave analysis, bulls are not confirmed yet, but plausible flat correction for BTCUSD, so 20k could be hit, but will probably go lower again after that
BabasNumbaOne ales.jiricek
@ales.jiricek, You are right That why I play safe, Take profit arround 17900$ then I will analyse it again ;) I will keep you all updated
we both got the same analysis well done
@kizer777, nice brotha! keep it going
Hi, why you do not see the possibility for bearish to make their last shot? I believe that one of the scenarios is to reach 8, 9K which is 0.618 Fib retracement, since the last waves looks like the 3 bullish waves after the 5 waves that make drops the market. Thanks in advance
@Ababseh, It is market risk management, Support/Resistance fight, BTC is a business they have people to monitor the token's value. The previous crash was because of the fear to loose, but this is gone now. Now it has to take back what was lost during the crash. that is why my buy lvl is safe
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