BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
200 EMA= Red
100 EMA= Blue
50 EMA= Bottle Green
20 EMA= Parrot Green

I just stumbled upon a very interesting occurrence in the big pullbacks from the past. In the only two previous pullbacks like the present one this year, (on July 16 and September 15) the rally from the bottom of the fall is exactly around the time when the 4 EMAS on the 4hour chart cross-over in such a manner that the higher EMAs are sorted perfectly from top to bottom (200 EMA above 100 EMA above 50 EMA above 20EMA), so we can expect the next bull rally from the bottom around the same time in this pullback too. And as soon as the 20 EMA starts crossing back up above higher EMAs the sell-off is reversed and we never look back. Zoom in to the charts around the highlighted area to better understand this.
So, wait for it to bottom when the EMAs are sorted according to higher to lower time frames top-down (200 EMA above 100 EMA above 50 EMA above 20EMA) and buy as soon as the 20 EMA creeps back up above the next higher EMA .
(New to this, so please correct me in everything I might have got wrong. And please give your feedback. I want to learn here.)

P.S: I have been a crypto enthusiast since three years, but since I am still a student I never had any significant money to invest, plus I live in a country where access to bitcoins -8.13% is difficult even now. So I have missed out on all rallies even though I knew the potential and that is my biggest regret in life. I have accepted that bitcoin -8.13% -9.78% can never make me rich now, but I will start accumulating whatever little I can from this pullback onwards. So, if this helps you and you're feeling generous this christmas, BTC -8.13% -9.78% donation address: 3286Q3X1JUMANqvubh8JJhK455JgUdy3Yh
Merry Christmas :)
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