Bitcoin Entry Level

The price stays above 8000.00 which is a key support level now. If the market can't break it and fall to SMA100 and 7000.00 level, we should be ready to see continuation of the uptrend. RSI confirms price reversal from 8000.00 level. MACD histogram supports upward movement. DMI shows range market conditions but if ADX line starts moving upward, it will give us an additional signal for buying. We can use the previous swing high for placing pending orders. Entry is 8430.00 level with stop at 7830.00 level. Profit targets are 9000.00 and 9500.00 levels. The market is overbought and has potential for falling. It's high risk trading and you must use stop orders. Also, you can skip this trading idea and wait for correction movement and buy based on a solid reversal signal.
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Honest advice: Technical analysis may be correct but void if USDT #Tethered #Bitfinexe'd Bitfinex'ed #Don'tGetTethered "PONZI SCHEME" gets more exposure to Authorities. Basically for those who are new to this, Bitfinex owner also owns USDT coins and that's how the bubble is controlled. USDT can be be printed endlessly and they only back some millions on a $1 for $1 USDT, definitely not billions. It will burst this time 100%, otherwise the people involved will face the death penalty in the courts. No long, no short, just SELL and STAY AWAY from BTC!!!!!!!!!! Some serious jail time is waiting for crooks! Once the Ponzi scheme unfolds (in a week or so) it's safe to go SHORT.
Good call. Any update, or ideas on recent trend?
btc to 6000

What can happen to Bitcoin USD?
Can you get up to 12k to 14k?
Thanks. Took good benefit from your idea. Bought at 4430 sold at 4400. It still may go up but I wont be upset.
AliFrotanpour AliFrotanpour
@AliFrotanpour, I mean 8430 and 9400 lol
I sold my share of BTC a few weeks as I'd anticipated a correction. However it's continued to rise which is frustrating. Should I be waiting for a correction now and when can we expect this? Or will it continue to rise? If it continues to rise it'll be difficult to buy back?

Will it be correct? and will it continue until 9500?
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