Binance, or we really in a crypto matrix?

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Hi, fellas...

Can anyone explain what's going on? You need to choice wich pill you wanna take: the red, or the blue???

In my opinion, bears are controlling the market... And the bank-new-whales are manipulating so hard the market! Whatever, you believe in what you wanna believe! Just don't let the big ones decides what your next movement!

Here we have a H&S and a clearly breakdown... I believe sooner or later we gonna test the fibbo 78.6, and go down deeply. You can tell yourself that's everything is okay, and BTC will rise up soon, but i believe hard that we gonna see a big bottom yet before. And we need this bottom to get fuel to reach an ATH! Don't you agree?

Too many bad news, and you still not believe that we are being manipulated? Choose your pill, and brace your self!

I wish you all lucky and profits! But be carefuill, and try to wake up fast to the real world. Don't live in a Matrix!

Best regards, my friends!

"The stock market is a wonderfully efficient mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient" - BUFFETT, Warren

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