Bitcoin - Gann Gone Solar!

What the hell is this dude doing? This TA makes no sense at all!
Don't worry, this chart is not really meant to be trade in a normal way (you could however, all lines are resistance and support).

I want to time to show you guys the beauty of what gann also tried to show, ratio and angles govern nature and thus trading in every way and so does normal distribution.
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I just found 3x Fractals - Descending Triangle
U seem to be more qualified in this area, hope u find this helpful.

It cant get any smaller, so its going may go up or go down. I have no idea.
Just looking at your chart after a trip with salvia.. 1) its beautiful and 2) if I get this right, the chart from feb 6 to 20 can be inscribed into the square - touches the vertices and the centre. If this is repeatable, you've got a really good point here. 3) How the heck did you make this with tradingview? Some wizardry. BTW, you got yourself a follower.
What do u think about that

Just give me some drugs and some these graphs and I'm set for the night.
+1 Balas
TheTrex Weavs844
@Weavs844, Hahaha
@TheTrex, piece of art
+1 Balas
TheTrex anacondabitch
@anacondabitch, Thank you
I would love to know what all this means!!
xfun Luano
@Luano, come to Telegram Group and you will find out
@Luano, it means nothing: this market is manipulated by whales
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