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Hai all,
I have many question in my private chat about my last analysis at BTCUSD            

- How i get perfectly support at 2984.02 at BTCUSD?
- What kind of analysis i use and?
- are that analysis depend on fibonacci?

The answer is simple, i use "Trendline Web Pattern" analysis.
In this post i will explain in very simple way.
Komen: as u can see, that i get a good projection target from last bearish at BTCUSD.
But how I get that price?
Komen: the answer is simple, by using trendline web.
we get our 1st trendline here :
Komen: and 2nd trendline :
Komen: the 3rd trendline :
Komen: 4th trendline :
Komen: and last trendline :
Komen: the key of "Trendline Web Pattern" analysis is :
never forget your old trendline, because it will help u in next analysis.

Thanks all, hope this post help to understand better about trendline analysis.
See u all at next education post, bye ^_^
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This is very interesting, I've been using these kind of trend line crossings in my amateurish trading charts to predict potential tops with cryptos. I called them "searchlights", since the pattern they created together with tall chart patterns reminded me of a skyscraper being illuminated, and because they helped me to "search" the tops. Has been working pretty nice. I didn't realize that you could use them for bottoms too, though on hindsight it's should have been kind of obvious.

Is there some existing theory on the "Trendline Web Pattern", or is this your own thesis? Couldn't find anything on it from the net with quick googling.

So then how about this ?
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For a long time, you have not made any new comments about BTC. I'm good at it.
Nice work!
Hi Dian thanks for your TA, what is your next target for support?
Hi Diana, I tried to do the same thing to see whats next.. It's a shocking result, but is what I have done below valid? or did I do something wrong?

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telnemri telnemri
@telnemri, my point is, do you think we'll go down to the 1439 level!?
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@telnemri, if FUD takes over well yes
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DianKemala PRO Crypto_IPSec
@Crypto_IPSec, 1400 is the lowest level for BTC, and that is mean line (to complete bubble). right now we are in "back to normal" phase
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Crypto_IPSec DianKemala
@DianKemala, well noted Dian, love your analysis. keep'em comming. <3
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