Bitcoin crossing multi-trend star event horizon into 2018

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It can be seen that a decision occurred on around january 28th 2018. This is a pivotal event horizon of all trend lines of the last 6 months. Now bitcoin price is moving past all measured trends lines which were established during the december rise. It seems major groups of traders (people, bots and Big Data A.I.) had their vision set on certain linear movements but this is proving to be an incomplete assessment due to human psychological tendencies of the types of people who are technologically more aware as compared to the mass of humanity. Such people are forming various new crypto-trading communities and have a profound advantage over the average and even advanced traders of traditional markets, so long as they remain outside of the popular data-mining schemes of business behind HCI. This is because their technological approach is a mirror of their psychology: decentralization, meaning shared insight in real-time over significant economic events. The price of bitcoin can indeed rise indefinately if all such trend lines are surpassed because the traditional established systems have lost control.
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